Japanese technologies using ultrasonic high frequency pulsation for pipe cleaning
Original import apparatus
Microprocessor controls and multi-phase cleaning cycle
ultrasonic cleaning

Direct thrust

direct pressure and hi-speed hammering rusty clots and sediment lining

Bi-directional thrust

loosening and clearing clotting and deposit with forward and backward thrusts

Swirl program

more effective with reaching angular and / or hidden hard-to-reach areas

High-frequency pulsation program

high-pressure air bubble creating effective scrubbing action against pipe lining
Hassle-free Removal of any wall or flooring is NOT required. Save you time and money.
Proven Technology The microprocessor constantly monitors the pressure within the pipe system during the entire cleaning process. There will not be excessive pressure that causes damage to the pipe system.
Effectiveness Different cleaning programs aim at scrubbing, loosening, peeling deposits off the pipe walls regardless of the size and shapes
Chemical-free Completely safe for users and the environment.